I’m Karthik balaji

Digital Marketer/ marketing Automation Expert

Helping You Find Your Own Path

Building your Digital Presence

 Discover your business needs based on its unique strengths, abilities and get expert Customized Ideas on your targeted Digital Presence 

Goal Setting

You have a big dream for your Brand , but not knowing “where to “or “how to” start. I am here to help you find the best path!

Brand Recognition service

From creating Awareness of your brand to reaching Millions of your target Brand Audience with my innovative ideas.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the use of applications and web services to  control, perform and automate repeated management workflows. It reduces repetitive marketing processes with dedicated software’s and applications.

Why is this Marketing Automation needed?

Marketing Automation is an art of building workflows that systematically or logically converts leads to customer with constant follow-up and providing them brand awareness after few weeks from their lead. It is for those who need more time to focus on their business rather than following up and converting a lead for their future business.

What is The Process Like?

It is not very easy as you think. It is little brief process, But don’t worry! with your help, it will become easier and efficient for me to setup a perfect automation that can elevate your brand.

1. Knowing you.

You have already tried numerous marketing strategies, let’s know those and understand your positives and those which worked well for you.

2. Understanding your problems.

Once I know you, we can start defining your Brand’s problems, customer stopping points, Brand weakness, Brand Awareness gauge and much more secrets…

3. Defining your needs.

This is the most important part, Defining your needs will give the clarity for the exact path and planning. Don’t worry I will help you to find it.

4. Acting on Individual needs.

We have found out your marketing goals, what should we wait for, lets start quickly and build the empire by focusing on every single goals individually. 

5. Tracking your growth and changes.

We are growing right! Yeah, Hope so. This is not the proper way right.

Every week we should asses your stand on your individual goals and make your progress until you reach 100%. I am ready to make you better, if you are ready… Fill the form below and I will see you soon. 

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About Me

I am Karthik Balaji, a Chennai based life, Digital marketer and Marketing Automation expert. I have been very much enthusiastic about learning and creating Automation workflows for various clients for the past 1 year. I have helped many find their exact brand marketing plans and led them to their Brand growth. If you are uncertain about your current Marketing Plan, You have come to the right place.